How much does it cost to make a website in United Kingdom

How much does it cost to make a website in United Kingdom

The cost to make a website in the United Kingdom is dependent on your needs and the specifications of the website varying between £2,000 to £15,000. It is very challenging to figure out the website development cost in the United Kingdom.

When you look to build a website, there will always be a concern about the cost to build it. However, the cost depends on what your website is being built for and what features and functionality it needs to be embedded. The amount that you need to pay depends on what you need and where you go.

Creating and maintaining a digital presence with a fresh start or with any existing website is important. Nowadays every business needs to have an online presence as a lot of consumers expect businesses to have a strong digital identity where they can view what you are offering. To stand out from the crowd of competitors and recognized yourself as a brand you need to ensure that your service can be found.

Having a website that meets all the requirements is important and many businesses don’t have their own website or own a website that is not fulfilling their business need.

Factors affecting website development cost in the UK.

o Domain Name

o Web Hosting

o Content

o Website Security


o Marketing


How much does a basic website cost in the UK?

Some businesses don’t need a website with hundreds of pages. For the few core pages with details of the services and contact is enough for their happy customers. They might want to add a few extra features, such as a blog or link to social media account, but nothing complex. Static Web Design is suited best to them and cost very low.

FeatureWeb designersWith the website builder tool
Design£130£ 30
Domain Name£10/ year£10/year
SSL certificate£50/year£

How much does an eCommerce website cost in the UK?

Some businesses, need to sell their product online and eCommerce Website development Their website also needs a lot of features and functionalities with hundreds of projects that show the specifications of the product. The cost of creating an eCommerce website is a bit high compared to a simple website.

FeatureWebsite designer
Domain name£15/year
SSL certificate£50/year

How much does a freelancer cost to make a website in the UK?

If you wanted to get your website done with freelancer then you can hire them. They charge hourly or according to the project. They charge for the website according to the complexity level of the website. Here we are giving an estimation of how many freelancers cost to make a website in the UK.
ComplexityTypeHours to spendProject charges
Very Simple websiteBlog/ News/ personal/ portfolio10-50 hours£200-£1500
simpleBusiness website50-150 hours£500-£2000
complexeCommerce website200-300 hours£2000-£5000
Very complexEntertainment/ community300-500 hours£5000-£10000


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