How much does it cost to make a website in Saudi Arabia

How much does it cost to make a website in Saudi Arabia

There are different types of website packages provided by different website development cost that differ website cost as well.

o One Page website

The one-page websites are extremely handy and trending that can be develop within few days. Designing and development of one-page website can takes approximately 10-30 days including all the website’s elements such as, logo, photos, content etc. These websites are less expensive as compared to other websites. One page website can cost around 1,000 SAR.

o Corporate website

These websites are advisable for business and organizations that are working as a brand. The business can vary from medical, tourism, restaurants, or any other small or large business. These websites are built to fulfil the client’s need and fully dedicated to clients only. Corporate website can cost around 5,000 SAR.

o eCommerce website

We all are well aware about the eCommerce website development. Building an eCommerce website is not an easy job and it takes large amount to invest in. These websites are dedicated towards selling product online. There is numerous eCommerce website in market, that make a tough competition for the developer to create attentively and uniquely designed website. eCommerce website cost a bit higher as compare to any other website types and it may take months to get deployed. eCommerce website can cost around 4,000 SAR.

o Custom website

Custom websites are distinguished from all other websites that are present over the internet. The client who doesn’t want their website to look similar to any other website, or who are interested to create unique website from all other competitors usually go for custom website development. Custom website needs a lot expertise and programming skills that can fulfil the client’s requirements. Apparently, this type of websites requires more dedication and effort, therefore, the cost to develop custom website is much higher than other. Custom website can cost around 6,000 SAR.

Factors affecting website development cost

There are many components involve in website development process that affect the website cost as well.

o Website design
Website design play important role because the visitors are going to interact with the website via website design only. Best website design can create interest in the visitors and encourage them to stay on the website for longer period. Website design can cost 700 SAR for once.

o Responsive design
Responsiveness of website is very important as we are unaware about the device of the visitors, though it need to be flexible, flawless and provide comfortable browsing experience. Responsive website design can cost around 600 SAR once.

o Domain Name
The foremost step of creating a website is registration for the domain name that give an authorization to the user to access the website. This cost you annually or monthly depend on the plan you choose. Domain name can cost around 250 SAR/ year.

o Website Hosting
Website hosting enable the user to browse throughout the website over the internet. This work as a gateway for accessing the websites. The hosting usually provides a physical space on the server where the website’s data is stored and will be available on the internet 24/7. This also cost annually or month according to the plan. Website hosting cost vary around 500/ year.

o SSL Certificate
For a website its security is vital and hence Secure Socket Layer certificate is mandatory for every user. This certificate prevents unwanted cyber-attack on the website. SSL cost around 300 SAR/ year.

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